What are notes of using solar water heaters?

What are notes of using solar water heaters?

First,there is water in the water heater tank, but not filled with water can be at any time, just run out of hot water, it is timely replenishment. If there is more than 15 minutes of dry and air drying, do not add water, should be arranged at night or the next morning .So as not to damage the temperature difference is too large vacuum tube;

Secondly,Bath water temperature should be to prevent excessive body burns, turn on the water is the first step to open the cold water valve, next open the hot water valve, then fine-tune the cold water valve and the hot water valve according to the desired size and water temperature.

Thirdly,Before using the electric auxiliary heater, water tank should complement, non-dry dry; For safety, we should remember that  water is available after cutting off the electric heater power supply.

Fourthly,User water pressure larger areas, should Transfer of small water valve when water is gonging to solar water heater and let the water slowly into the water tank, to avoid excessive pressure, causing a vacuum to prevent the top down and the bottom bracket or bend tank spare blind plugs It was the top cause water leakage and other accidents.

Fifthly,The end of the glass vacuum tube getter should form a mirror-like, if there is the phenomenon of white mist, then the vacuum tube has an intake vacuum layer, users should be promptly replaced.

Sixth,Water heater tank on the exhaust pipe must not be blocked in order to avoid swelling or bad suction deflated tank.

Seventh,to keep the tank full of water when there are strong winds, when thunderstorms is coming ,it should be suspended. Users of electric heating components must unplug it.

Eighth,in winter season, to do security work, if the pipeline has emptying means, after the water to drain out the remaining water in the piping to prevent freezing.

Ninth,Dust affects sunlight transmittance, so regularly remove dust and vacuum reflecting plate.

Tenth,heater bracket foot and pull the anchor should be fixed firmly to avoid being thrown to the wind and accidents.

Eleventh,do not modify the structure of the water heater.

Twelfth,Solar water heaters antifreeze focus:A, exhaust three-way place; B, each corner, elbow; C, pipeline interface; D, through the wall interface.