How long will it take to recover my investment in a solar water heating system?
In general, payback times tend to be shorter for propane and electricity hot water systems and longer if you are currently relying on natural gas. Due to the magnitude of these factors of influence, it is impossible to offer one precise figure here. However, from our experience, results from our customers, suggest payback times from as low as 3.5 – 8 years for a solar hot water system with a design life of over 30 years. For a more accurate figure of the payback time for your specific home, please contact us for a free estimate.

Compare it to 45 (100) watt light bulbs turned on at once or look at your meter after someone takes a shower.

A solar water heating system generating free energy for you now OR in a warehouse somewhere else. The money you spend for the hot water portion of your monthly electric bill over a few short years will have completely gone to pay for a solar hot water system either way.


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