How to clean solar water heater
1. When the water in the tank is all put away, each vacuum tube is held by both hands and rotates back and forth, so that the sealing ring of the vacuum tube and the water tank is loosened, and then pushed into the water tank.
2 when the bottom of the vacuum tube can be removed from the fixed base, the vacuum tube is pulled out of the water tank.
3, take out the vacuum tube in the water drained, the scale is poured out, the scale is mixed with water in the vacuum tube, not like that in the thermos bottle water bile paste around the vacuum tube, and then into the vacuum tube add some clean water, rinse clean, so repeated several times the vacuum tube clean up, one by one to each vacuum tube is clean, check each tank vacuum tube is arranged in the hole of the sealing ring is intact, if damaged, should be replaced with a new sealing ring, to prevent the water in the water tank is leaking from the vacuum tube sealing ring.
4, and then to the water tank, when the water from the water tank installation of the hole in the vacuum pipe outflow, then at this time, one by one to install the vacuum tube on the water tank, cleaning the scale of the work even if completed.
5, clean solar water heater water tank in the scale should be carried out regularly, usually in accordance with local water quality conditions, do not need frequent cleaning.
6, usually should pay attention to the use of solar water heaters, water temperature inside the water tank below 75 degrees, is not easy to produce scale, so the summer or spring and autumn, add water according to the weather conditions, if the sun is good, the water in the water tank should be used with, this temperature will decrease with tap water to avoid filling. The generation of the scale.

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