What are the accessories for solar water heaters?
The collector is a heat collecting element in the system. The utility model is equivalent to an electric heating pipe in an electric water heater. Unlike an electric water heater or a gas water heater, the solar collector uses the radiant heat of the sun, so the heating time can only be reached when the solar radiation reaches a certain value. At present, the most common solar vacuum heat collecting tube is on the Chinese market. The structure is divided into an outer tube and an inner tube, and the outer wall of the inner tube is plated with a selective absorbing coating.
Two. Heat preservation water tank
A thermos tank is a container for storing hot water. The hot water collected through a heat collecting tube must be stored in a heat storage tank to prevent heat loss. The capacity of a solar water heater is the amount of water that can be used in a water heater, excluding the capacity that cannot be used in the vacuum tube. For a pressurized solar water heater, its capacity refers to the medium capacity for heat exchange.
The solar water heater is composed of three parts: an inner tank, a heat insulating layer and a water tank shell.
The tank liner is an important part of storing hot water, and its material strength and corrosion resistance are very important. The market has stainless steel, enamel and other materials. The insulation material of insulation layer is directly related to the effect of heat preservation. It is especially important in cold season. The better way of heat preservation is the whole process of polyurethane foam insulation. The shell is made of color steel plate, aluminium plated zinc plate or stainless steel plate.
Three 、 solar energy control instrument
General household solar water heaters need automatic or semi automatic operation control system is indispensable, the common controller is automatically filled with water and water water, water temperature and water level display, solar water heater and electric leakage protection, anti dry burning function of auxiliary electric heating device. The intelligent solar water heater controlled by mobile phone short message has the functions of water temperature, water level inquiry, trouble alarm, starting water supply, closing water supply, starting electric heating and so on, which is convenient for users.
Four. Solar energy water heater support
The bracket of the solar water heater is a rack for supporting the heat collector and the heat preservation water tank. It requires firm structure, high stability, resistance to wind and snow, aging, and no rust. Material is generally stainless steel, aluminum alloy or steel sprayed.
Five. Connecting pipes of solar water heater
The solar energy water heater enters the cold water into the heat storage water tank first, and then transfers the heat to the heat preservation water tank through the heat collector. The heat storage water tank is connected with the indoor cold and hot water pipeline, so that the whole system is formed into a closed loop. It is very important for solar energy system to design and connect the solar pipe correctly. Solar pipes must be insulated, and cold areas in the North need to be lined with pipes to ensure that users can use solar hot water in cold and winter weather.

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