Causes of water leakage in solar water heater and Solutions
1 、 weld seam cracking
Solution: replacement of the tank or the welding place for soldering.
2, sealing ring damage
Solution: replace the sealing ring.
3, the water tank is not installed properly
Solution: reinstall.
4, Sheung Shui switch is not closed
Solution: turn off the water switch.
5 、 vacuum tube rupture
Solution: Please professionals to replace the vacuum tube.
6 、 joint pipe loose
Solution: reconnect or replace pipe fittings.
7 、 the valve is broken or the metal hose is broken (the shower is leaking)
Solution: replace the valve or metal hose.
8, the cover temperature is too high.
Terms of settlement:
(1) poor circulation of the system and blocked gas. The installation position of the pipe needs to be adjusted so that the pipe has an upward tilt in the direction of the flow so that it can be removed;
(2) the water inlet and outlet of the collector are connected wrongly so that the water flow is short circuited. The installation needs to be reinstalled. The inlet and outlet pipe of the heat collector should be in the two diagonal position, which is the standard method of installation.
9 、 overflow pipe blockage
Solution: Dredge overflow pipe.

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