New solar water heater function

xianke solar water heater
In the development of modern science and technology environment, the design concept and the key core technology in product design and production play an important role in the use of new energy, driven by solar energy how to make use of today's hot topic, The development of global solar energy industry, and a new generation of solar water heaters should have the following functions:
    (2) the minimum use of conventional energy, operating costs to a minimum; (3) the priority use of solar energy (environmental); (4) the full use of solar energy (not waste); (5) the northern region (7) less maintenance, long life, safe and reliable; (8) easy to combine with the building, the overall effect of coordination, beautiful. (8) easy to operate with the building,
    To achieve the purpose of supplying hot water all day, to solve the solar system in the northern winter "antifreeze" problem is the key. The traditional sense of the antifreeze, are generally taken to accompany the tropical or heat insulation way, but this way there are limitations due to external conditions, therefore, the new solar water heater using a mechanical emptying way to reach the system Antifreeze foolproof.
At the same time dual-DC water production system technology using solar heating and auxiliary energy heating dual production system, through intelligent control, so that dual-production system according to weather conditions and water conditions for automatic control, switching, in the case of unattended, , Fully utilized on the basis of solar energy, reached 24 hours and into the supply of hot water purposes, and make the system at least use conventional energy, has reached the purpose of saving resources.
    Solar energy technology has developed into today's mainstream energy industry, and solar water heater project in the solar energy technology occupies an absolute position, the application of new technology for solar water heaters to increase the greater potential and business opportunities, and solar water heater brand, should cause Our attention, the choice of trustworthy brand is particularly important.

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