Provide a piping system complete with pipe, pipe fittings, valves, strainers, expansion loops, pipe hangers, inserts, supports, anchors, guides, sleeves, and accessories with this specification and the drawings.  Pipe shall be designed to observe limits on flow velocity, pressure drop, and gauge pressure associated with the pipe type and characteristics.  
Provide, install and test the piping. Provide piping flow rates below 5 feet per second.  Piping shall be Type L or Type M copper tubing, ASTM B-88, with 95-5 tin-antimony soldered joints.  If cold water piping supplying the SWH system is of another type, such as PVC, it shall be replaced within 10 feet of the SWH system with  copper to avoid bulging and rupture due to proximity to the higher temperatures of the solar system.   

2.Pipe Insulation

Furnish interior pipe insulation and coverings such as Armaflex, Insul-Tube, Rubatex, or approved equivalent.  Provide outside array piping insulation with a capability of withstanding 250 degrees F, except that piping insulation within 1.5 feet of collector connections shall be capable of withstanding 400 degrees F.  Protect outside piping insulation from water damage and ultraviolet degradation with a suitable outer coating manufactured for this purpose (aluminum, sunlight resistant PVC or approved equal).  

3. Calibrating Balancing Valves (for multiple collector banks)

If systems are proposed with multiple collector banks, provide calibrated balancing valves suitable for 125 psig and 250 degrees F service.  Furnish calibrated balancing valves with bronze body/brass ball construction with seat rings compatible with system fluid and differential readout ports across valve seat area.  Provide readout ports fitted with internal insert of compatible material and check valve.  Provide calibrated balancing valves with a memory stop feature to allow valve to be closed for service and reopened to set point without disturbing balance position, and with a calibrated nameplate to assure specific valve settings.  Provide calibrated balancing valves and ball valves at the outlet of each collector bank.  The balancing valves are specified to allow the array to be flow balanced.  The ball valves are required to enable the array to be disconnected for maintenance or repair.  This requirement for balancing valves is not applicable to systems of only one collector bank, where balance of flow is not an issue.
4.Pressure Gauges

Provide pressure gauges with throttling type needle valve or a pulsation dampener and shutoff valve.  Furnish a 3-1/2 inch minimum dial size.
5. Thermometers

Supply thermometers with wells and separable bronze sockets.
6.Pipe Hangers and Supports

Support and hang piping so that the weight of the piping is not supported by drywall , siding, or other building members not designed to bear load.  Support piping so that thermal expansion and contraction of pipe lengths is accommodated.  


Provide valves compatible with the piping.  Ball valves shall be used for shutoff, with full port, bronze body, bronze ball and teflon seat.  Bronze hose-end gate valves shall be used for draining low points of piping.


Secure to each major item of equipment the manufacturer's name, address, type or style, model or serial number, and catalog number on a plate.