Choose the right to make your solar water heater more longevity

Time: 2016-12-16
Solar water heaters in the world has a very high penetration rate for the convenience of the majority of users at the same time, but also for energy saving and environmental protection has made important contributions. At the same time how to make solar water heaters to use more long-term longevity is a lot of friends concerned about the problem, for this Haining solar water heater manufacturers - the first solar water heater company's editors to collect some sort of solar water heaters can extend the life of solar water heaters knowledge and skills Share to everyone.
    Impact of solar water heater life is mainly vacuum tube, insulation layer, liner and several parts of the water supply pipe, the editor on the details from these aspects to everyone to talk about.
    Vacuum tube as the heart of solar water heaters, a direct impact on the life of the water heater, vacuum tube longevity, and solar water heaters to longevity. Vacuum tube performance by coating technology and cleaning, coating, vacuum, sealing and other processes. Technology does not meet the manufacturers of vacuum tube vacuum tube is low, a large number of residual impurities in the tube and water vapor, a high temperature will become a gas, reduce the vacuum; endometrial aging, vacuum tube can not absorb enough heat to affect the use of solar water heaters. So the choice of solar water heaters when we should focus on the quality of the vacuum tube. Late use should pay attention to the protection of the vacuum tube to avoid some physical damage, pay attention to keep the surface clean to ensure adequate light.
    Liner and insulation layer to have a long life depends mainly on the choice of the purchase of solar water heaters when the best choice of high chromium high nickel stainless steel liner of solar water heaters, this liner is durable, corrosion resistance; insulation layer Good use of imported raw materials, such as polyurethane, low thermal conductivity, high temperature; insulation process using automatic constant temperature and pressure quantitative foaming, and high temperature aging treatment, high temperature and stable and lasting performance. Post-use is to pay attention to clean.
    Water supply pipe will appear mainly because of the quality and Sheung Shui time caused by the problem of bursting, and now has intelligent control system of solar water heater without artificial Sheung Shui, the main purchase is to inspect good quality. Late use should pay attention to protection measures in the winter to prevent cracking.
    In accordance with the above points selected with your solar water heater, the first section of the solar energy editor believe that your solar water heater must be more longevity.

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