Solar energy in the end how to use?

Time: 2017-01-13
In our daily life and work, people often talk about solar energy. But what exactly is solar energy? It has any specific application?
    Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy. In the broad sense, solar energy is the source of many energy sources of different brands of solar water heaters, such as wind energy, biomass energy, tidal energy, solar energy, solar energy, Water potential energy and so on. The basic methods of solar energy utilization can be divided into four categories: light - heat utilization, light - electricity utilization, light - chemical utilization, light - bio - use.
    Light and heat utilization: it is the solar radiation can be collected, through the interaction with the material into heat energy to be used. Currently the most used solar energy collection devices, there are flat-plate collector, vacuum tube collector and focus collector and other three kinds. Solar power: the future of large-scale use of solar energy is used to generate electricity. The use of solar power in two ways:
① light - heat - electricity conversion. That is, the use of solar radiation generated by thermal energy. Solar collectors are generally used to convert the absorbed heat energy into working fluid vapor, which is then driven by a steam turbine to drive the generator to generate electricity. The former process is light-heat conversion, the latter process is heat-to-electricity conversion.
② optical - electrical conversion. The basic principle is the use of photovoltaic effect of solar radiation can be directly converted to electrical energy, and its basic device is a solar cell.
    Photochemical utilization: This is a use of solar radiation can be directly decomposed water hydrogen production of light - chemical conversion.
Photobiomassing: The process of converting solar energy into biomass by plant photosynthesis. There are fast-growing plants (such as firewood forest), oil crops and giant seaweed.
    In the above description of solar energy use, the light - heat conversion technology is the most mature, most products, the cost is relatively low. Currently the most widely used in China, the most mature technology, the best economy is the solar water heater, this water heater has entered the millions of households in China.

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