Water heater industry trends - solar water heaters to become mainstream

Time: 2017-02-09
Water heater has a long history of development, from the traditional electric water heater, gas water heater to the present solar water heaters, electric water heaters, gas water heaters have been smash hit, to improve people's home environment has also contributed to. The emergence of solar water heaters have a great impact on the traditional water heater market, with its irreplaceable advantage of the rapid access to people of all ages, the trend has become the mainstream of water heaters is already unstoppable. The following Haining Xianke New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and we talk about the major advantages of solar water heaters.
    Safety advantages, electric water heaters have been popular because of the convenience of popular, but the work of water and electricity water heater does not separate, security risks are relatively large, prone to leakage electric shock accident. In addition to traditional water heater hot water storage devices in the room, there are some hidden burns, solar water heaters to avoid these security risks.
    Economic advantages, this is the most intuitive you can see, the traditional water heater, whether electricity or gas needs to be sustained costs, and the current use of solar energy is no one to charge you, as a regular use of living equipment, over time and cost Is a great expenditure.
    Hot water production advantage, there has been an authoritative statistics is that the solar water heater in accordance with the annual average temperature of 15.7 ℃, annual sunshine hours 2014 hours, the total solar radiation total annual 111.59 kcal / square meter, if the collector The area of ​​2 square meters, the annual absorption of solar radiation energy 9.37 × 106 kJ, according to the water temperature increased 35 ℃ calculation (base water temperature 10 ℃), the year can provide domestic hot water (45 ℃) 53.5 tons, Every time people take a bath with hot water about 50 kg, the annual wash 1070 people, the average daily wash 2.93 times.
    The most important thing is the traditional water heater has been fully formed, both advantages and disadvantages have been finalized, there is no much room for improvement and development. The solar water heater is still in constant development, such as intelligent control system, the introduction of auxiliary heating functions. Continuous development of solar water heaters more and more competitive, these developments in the elimination of solar water heaters relative to the defects of the traditional water heater at the same time, more prominent its own advantages, the development of the mainstream of the water heater industry is an inevitable trend.

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