What is the principle of solar water heaters

Time: 2017-02-10
For many users, it is hoped that the understanding of the principle of solar water heaters, is my company's new sales staff, they do not understand the circumstances, our training department colleagues for each new staff must be the same Training, so today put these principles published on the Internet, we can see the next free.

First, the vacuum tube solar water heater works:
    Vacuum tube endothermic - microcirculation - insulation water tank - test control system - the user.
    Vacuum tube solar water heaters, the use of vacuum tube heat, the maximum realization of light and heat conversion, the micro-circulation of the hot water to the thermal insulation tank, the principle of the thermosyphon tank water heating, and through dedicated pipeline sent indoor , By the user. The control system sends the tap water to the solar energy through the control valve, the controller and so on to achieve the automatic control. Auxiliary electric heating placed in the water tank, has been prepared yin, rain, snow use, saving 90%, and automatic operation.
    ⑴ collector components - vacuum tube technical parameters Specifications: 1200mm × 47mm 1500 mm × 47mm.
    The current collector effect is the best AL --- N / AL vacuum sputtering selective coating, the product uses 1.2,1.5 m use of the coating of the glass vacuum tube, the absorption rate ≥ 0.93 Infrared emittance ε ≤ 0.6, Average heat loss Uct0.9W / ㎡ ℃ Vacuum P ≤ 5 × 10ˉ3pa Performance equivalent to the United States of high borosilicate 3.3 special hard glass manufacturing.
    ⑵. Insulation material performance characteristics and technical parameters:
    Insulation material is directly related to the thermal efficiency and the use of the early morning, especially in the cold northeast. At present, better insulation is imported polyurethane insulation, if the ingredients, process, environment, temperature discomfort, can also cause uneven foam or foam is too large, refrigerant slowly loss of insulation effect of the gradual decline, which requires Manufacturers have a special foaming machinery, standardized mold and a higher level of technology. In addition, we not only understand the product timber technology, but also the manufacturers of machinery and equipment, molds and other organic cost level, quality monitoring standards. Product quality is directly related to the interests of consumers.
    Polyurethane insulation thickness: 70mm Closed-hole rate: 65.69% Thermal conductivity: 19.83mw / m.k, and after high-temperature aging treatment.
    ⑶ tank liner and bracket
    Water tank is an important part of the storage of hot water, the material strength and corrosion resistance is essential, high-quality selection should be imported SUS304 sheet, the thickness of 0.6mm - 0.8mm between the stainless steel plate, argon protection, (SUS304), the appearance of beautiful, high strength, the overall use of bolts, brackets, the whole machine, high-frequency automatic welding, to improve the plate in a variety of water quality or corrosion resistance of various environments, is more advanced welding technology, stent materials are all made of stainless steel Rigidity, but also conducive to transport and installation, anti-corrosion ability. B. Heat pipe pressurized solar water heater works: vacuum tube heat - heat pipe heat conduction - insulation tank - control system - the user. (High prices) heat pipe pressure solar water heaters, the use of vacuum tube collector, built-in ¤-type fin, the high temperature heat transfer to the heat pipe, heat pipe heat quickly into the water tank, especially in cloudy, low radiation intensity , The start heat transfer fast. After continuous testing, heat pipe solar water heaters, the average daily thermal efficiency of up to 56%.
    Second, the heat transfer components - heat pipe technical parameters Specifications: φ8 × 1520
    ⑴. Domestic heat pipe production plant a lot of our domestic heat pipe for testing, according to GB / T14812-1993, GB / 14813 --- 1993 on the heat pipe performance and heat pipe life test, most of the organic heat pipe in one or two years after the heat transfer Efficiency decreased
    ⑵. High pressure bearing capacity
    Heat pipe solar water heaters, 2MM thick steel plate, arc head, CO 2 automatic welding, pressure capacity of 0.6MPa, sealing pressure up to 1.2Mpa. Selection of the international advanced chemical nickel plating technology, surface spraying reached the international advanced level. Collectors can withstand the pressure of tap water (test pressure up to 1.2MPa). Size in line with TB311-74 requirements,
    ⑶. Antifreeze, carrying capacity
    Heat pipe solar water heaters using heat pipe heat transfer technology, the collector tube without water, will not be too cold due to cold temperatures and freezing cold collector tube, thus affecting the use. And because the tube in the water, if a heat pipe is damaged, will not affect the machine work, so that the use of a wider range of water heaters. Stent materials used in all aluminum, beautiful view, high strength, the overall use of bolts, brackets, machine strong and conducive to transport and installation, anti-corrosion ability.

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