Solar water heater installation using knowledge of sixteen asked

Time: 2017-02-27
One, Q: What are the advantages of solar water heaters?
    A: The advantages of solar water heaters can be summed up in six words: energy saving, environmental protection, safety.
    Energy saving (cost savings): the use of solar water heaters on the family can save the daily electricity for heating water, 90% of the cost, can reduce household expenses, the community can reduce the province's limited energy consumption, So that these energy and supporting facilities can be used for industrial and agricultural production, resulting in greater social benefits.
    Environmental protection: It is calculated that each household solar water heater in its use of 15 years, will reduce the burning of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere 26 tons of carbon monoxide, 136 tons of carbon monoxide, dust 1120 tons, 352 tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen and nitrogen compounds 908 tons, This is a small figure, in the subtropical provinces of our residents, suffering from hot days of suffering, such as the province's residents are using solar water heaters can reduce the average temperature of 1 ℃, so the use of solar energy to make our province more blue, Mountain is more green, the water is more clear, cooler, is an effective green initiatives.
    Safety: the current large-scale use of gas water heaters, electric water heaters are a security problem, the province each year due to the use of water heaters caused by fatal accidents in more than 5, and with the increase in the user, this figure is still growing, the use of solar energy does not exist Poisoning and electric shock hazards, very safe, even with the heating function of solar water heaters, because the heating body away from the user, combined with the use of time is only one tenth of the electric water heater, so the possibility of harm has reached a negligible, negligible Degree.
    Second, ask: what kind of building, the number of layers suitable for solar energy?
    A: It should be said that the solar water heater for all housing, but due to the current appearance from the building, the use of water, solar water heater varieties and other conditions of restrictions, making the use of solar water heaters and the environment have a certain relationship.
    The most suitable for the current solar energy are:
    1, single door single house, small building.
    2, the highest level of multi-storey residential buildings, sub-high, the penultimate layer, the penultimate layer, flat roof and slope roof can be.
    Other floors of housing can also use solar energy, but the difference:
    1, Yingyang better use of the balcony with a solar water heater or solar air source water heater.
    2, the lower level of users can use the emptying function and hot water circulation function of solar water heaters or solar air source water heater.
    Third, Q: installation of solar water heaters will be very troublesome?
    A: The installation of solar water heaters to the people an impression is difficult to install on the roof, in fact not the case, because the solar water heater is installed on the plane and installed on the line, so the installation is very easy, and the installation work by the staff to install the team Installation, installation time is about 2 hours, will not give the user what trouble. It is also feasible to have a user who has a fixed foundation and an electrical basis.
    Four, ask: my family has three people, to install much of the solar energy?
    A: The general well-off family is only used in the bath, every day as long as 30 liters of hot water is enough, plus dishwashing, hand washing, washing clothes, each with 50 liters capacity, 3 homes choose 150 liters Solar water heater is appropriate. Generally can be used for two days.
    Five, Q: solar water heater has no health effects?
    A: solar hot water from the natural, pure water quality, smooth temperature, no ionization electrolysis and other pollution, known as natural hot springs. It is said that the beauty of the role, according to historical records: the Three Kingdoms Guan Yuang and Liu Bei away, escort Gan, Mi two couples to Jingzhou, to solve the problem of two ladies bath off the long call with men with two barrels of water on the road, To the evening after the store can use the two barrels of water to the two ladies bath. Later, after finding Liu Bei, Liu concept two lady no color fatigue of the road, but the skin is more delicate meat tender, for this, Henan folk rumors of solar water can be beauty. As for the solar water heater is the power of beauty, scientific principles can not be confirmed. The use of solar hot water laundry, washing dishes, to protect the majority of women in the hands of the skin, to keep delicate, it is an indisputable fact.
    Six, Q: solar power of solar water heaters and electric water heater how much difference?
    A: According to the comprehensive use of the situation, with electric heating function of solar water heaters electricity consumption of about one tenth of the electric water heater.
    Seven, Q: how long the life of solar water heaters, will often fail?
    A: The use of solar water heater design life of more than 15 years, the impact of the life of the components are mainly rubber seals, vacuum tube. Stainless steel tube and bracket, etc. are indefinite, so fifteen years later, the replacement of seals and vacuum tube water heater can still be used, the extension of life will not be less than ten years. The water heater itself is a non-operating body, generally very few failures, but because the water heater is placed outside, so the greater impact of the outside world, there will be some connection aging, typhoon, etc., the normal use of solar water heaters, the user is best to use after-sales service is guaranteed The product.
    Eight, Q: I am a new move home, want to install solar energy, decoration should pay attention to what?
    A: First, with the technical quality and after-sales service to improve the manufacturer contact, they will guide you how to deploy water pipes, the general user as long as the decoration in the hot water pipe to consider the entrance and outlet outlet, if it is the choice of electric heating and belt control The user of the instrument should also determine the location of the switch or the control device in order to achieve the purpose of convenience, safety and harmony. The installation site of the outdoor installation is usually negotiated by the supplier and the user, and the identity of the property or the relevant neighbor should be obtained. The
    Nine: Q: What is the ordinary solar water heater? What is the all-weather solar water heater? What is a fully automatic solar water heater?
    A: Ordinary solar water heater is the most basic water heater, in the fine weather may be hot water normal use, but cloudy if the storage of hot water run out, you can not out of the hot water. All-weather water heater often have electric heating system, when the cloudy day to open the electric heating switch, you can out of the hot water, rainy days still can be used. If you then support a small capacity of electric water better.
    Automatic solar water heater is able to carry out a simple management of hot water heater, equipped with regular heating device and the timing of the water device, this water heater generally do not need to focus on management, as long as the water heater can open the hot water. Water heaters are often equipped with water level, water temperature display, so that you work on the house water heater basic understanding of some of the controller and emptying and circulation function to make water heaters better use.
    10: Q: the choice of top water-type water heater or water-type water heater is good?
    A: The top of the water refers to the side of the water, while the cold water in the hot water out of the water tank into the pipeline. Top water-type water heater also known as pressure water heater, the water heater pressure is greater. Water-saving water heater is the water heater water pressure naturally fall into the water pipe, and other barrels of hot water run out before the water, the water heater water pressure is small. As the solar energy on the heating of water is time-limited, daytime heating, at night to stop heating. So the current situation, or the choice of water-type water heater is better, when the daytime water heater in the evening or stop using water after the water, you can prevent the water temperature drop, to always have the effect of hot water, I think or water-type water heater More applicable. Of course, with the progress of science and technology, process improvement, pressure water heater may also gradually replace the water-type water heater.
    11, Q: solar water heaters will not cause harm to the human body? Use solar water heater should pay attention to what aspects of security?
    A: The use of solar water heaters should pay attention to the use of safety: First, to prevent the user burns, the past two years, there have been several cases of burned cases, burned people often think that solar water temperature will not be too high, in fact, The water temperature in the water heater is often up to 80 ℃ or more, the user does not pay attention to often burned, just put in the water when the bath should be noted that the first release of water is stored in part of the cold water, once the solar water heater in the water, the temperature will suddenly rise to 80 ℃ or more, causing burns; the second is to tighten the water heater to prevent typhoon from blowing away from the room, causing damage.
    12, Q: The region sales of water heaters in all stainless steel, aluminum, color plate of several types of water heaters, which is a good choice?
    A: The above can be used normally, but consider the Guangdong water vapor in the more acidic ingredients, it is recommended to use all stainless steel as well.
    Thirteen, Q: I am a small rural single-door single house, installed solar water heater should pay attention to what?
    A: single door alone installed water heater condition is the best, you can use the outer wall of the way for each floor of the bathroom cloth into the hot water pipe, the water tower should be higher than the solar water heater tank more than 1 meter, pipe should be used insulation tube , The water heater to be fixed, to prevent damage caused by typhoon.
    14, Q: solar water heater has no insulation function?
    There are insulation functions. Solar water heater vacuum glass collector tube is composed of double glass, the inner surface of the heat absorption layer, between the two layers of vacuum, which is equivalent to an elongated thermos flask. The heat can only be out, the water heater tank is made of double stainless steel plate, the middle is the overall foam foam insulation body, the role of insulation is very obvious, generally qualified solar water heater daily temperature drop below 5 ℃.
    Fifteen, ask: I want to buy solar water heater but I do not know whether the local product is good or good products?
    A: The production of solar water heaters across the country varied, variety, but are similar. After the sale of services above, local products than foreign products in good condition, easy to service home, life-long services. Generally use the product or choose the local more appropriate.
    16, Q: collective use of solar energy and home with the choice of solar energy where the difference?
    A: The collective environment due to the link with the individual economy is not close, hot water waste is more serious, so each person should be 50 to 70 liters of water per day to estimate the amount of water.

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