Solar water heater antifreeze

Time: 2017-03-07
The weather is extremely cold, the home of the water and solar water pipes easily frozen, the pipeline once the frozen block do not worry, and so the temperature will automatically clear after the recovery, but many times easy to freeze the pipeline to freeze, in order to prevent freezing, please Everyone in bed at night after the hot water, the water tank full of water. And then put a container in the nozzle or faucet, the hot water valve unscrewed a little, so that slowly dripping, (water is not frozen) to ensure that the solar water heater water flow, which is to prevent solar water heater pipes and water pipes to freeze the most effective Affordable method.
       Or if you encounter cloudy or snow as much as possible when the water inside the solar water, the water heater vent, and keep the mixing valve normally open, so that will not make the pipeline frozen blocked.

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