Solar hot water engineering design, the use of taboo

Time: 2017-03-17
Solar water heater project has a conventional design:
(1) hot water system installed U-bend
   Combined hot water system at design time. The combined head of the collector and the water inlet should be "U" -shaped. Prevent water loss and backflow. As shown in Figure 3-19, the height of the "U" -shaped bend must exceed 100mm above the water level in the joint pipe, but it should not be too high. The purpose of adding "U" is to prevent the circulating pump from stopping, Lower, the joint within the water pipe into the water tank, the joint tube of water rarely, sun exposure, there is the case of bombardment.
(2) hot water system immediately after running the test water
As the joint tube collector water rarely, try to stop running after the water, the time is longer and the sun is very good circumstances, due to sun exposure, water evaporation, boiling will blow the vacuum tube. So the hot water system should be in the official run test water again.
(3) single water heater series and parallel hot water system piping connection
Single water heater string parallel to the hot water system connection, close to the float box of a should be connected into a low into the high (when the project is large, the Union 6 or more, should be made into a low into the high 2) , The rest connected into low into the low, so that both cold water will not quickly flow into the tank, but also to ensure that the water heater in the water tank in time to add water.
(4) more than the Union, less parallel
Design of hot water system, especially the joint collector collector hot water system, the pipeline design principle is to ensure that the pipeline and other procedures under the premise of as little as possible in parallel, multi-series, the number of its parallel should not exceed 6 Group, parallel too much, easy to cause uneven flow of the flow, the valve can not guarantee uniform flow regulation, which will cause the system to reduce thermal efficiency.

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