Solar water heater system - natural circulation

Time: 2017-03-20

Solar water heater system - natural circulation is the use of heat transfer within the working degree of the gradient gradient generated by the density of the natural convection formed by the circulation of hot water system. This system is simple and does not require additional power, in the natural circulation, in order to ensure the necessary thermal siphon head, the tank should be placed above the collector.

The process is that the water is heated by the solar radiation in the collector, the temperature rises, and the heated water enters the upper part of the storage tank from the upper part of the collector. At the same time, the cold water at the bottom of the tank is Tube into the collector, after a period of time, the water in the tank to form a significant temperature stratification, the upper water to reach the use of temperature. With hot water, from the supply tank to the bottom of the storage tank to add cold water, the upper part of the water tank to use hot water, the water level from the supply tank to control the float valve.

      This is the earliest use of a solar water heater system. The advantage is that the system structure is simple, safe and reliable operation, do not need auxiliary energy, easy management. The drawback is that in order to maintain the necessary heat siphon head and to prevent the system from turning back at night, the tank must be placed above the collector. This is our country is currently a large number of popularization and application of hot water system design. Large-scale solar hot water system, not suitable for the use of this natural cycle. Because the large Zhuanwen storage tank is very large, to the storage tank placed in the heat along the top, in the building layout and load design will bring a lot of problems.

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