Solar water heater should pay attention to summer

Time: 2017-03-28
Due to the continued high temperature in the summer weather, and some solar water heater users are not at home in the summer, but the heart of the solar water heater water is not used or the water tank is empty on the solar water heater is not damaged, on this issue, Shanghai magnesium double lotus solar plant special Simple Explanation:
      Solar water heaters are mainly used to absorb the sun in the sun's ultraviolet rays, like the sun is now the strongest UV, is no vacuum tube in general black objects below the water can also heat the water. The solar water heater vacuum tube is a metal coating, the effect of heat absorption is more obvious, and now the high temperature of the weather, generally about 80-90 degrees.
      Vacuum tube is a glass product, which is the vacuum, that is, hot weather, the water tank is 99 degrees, the outer tube of the vacuum tube to feel, it is not hot, it is only water convection heating water tank. Glass is generally very stable, but in case of cold water and hot water a convection, may be afraid of vacuum tube will be damaged. Imagine, like the usual glass, if the sudden cold sudden heat, the glass will crack damage.
     Solar water tank, the middle is a layer of polyurethane foam layer, it is equivalent to the same as the refrigerator insulation layer, for example, inside the refrigerator, whether there is no thing, no electricity on the refrigerator is not any damage, solar water heater tank is the same.
      Comprehensive above, solar water heaters in the summer is a period of time do not, as long as not the highest temperature at noon when the water, the solar energy is not any damage. However, the water inside the solar, after the home is best to let it go away, because the water tank if the water for a long time, it is high temperature when the end of the water inside the bacteria are easy to breed, the skin is not good.

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