Solar hot water engineering design, the use of Taboo (accessories)

Time: 2017-04-15
Solar hot water engineering design, the use of Taboo (accessories):
Circulation pump can not be too small
In the hot water system, the flow rate and the lift of the circulating pump should be slightly larger than that of the calculation. Collector temperature is high, can not fall down, resulting in temperature cycle can not stop. This will result in reshu in heat can not fully reach the water tank, reduces the efficiency of the pump should be large.
System plus check valve
In the design of the system according to the flow direction of the attention system with one-way valve to prevent backflow of water users and water mixing valve malfunction, cold hot water pipeline along the rise, caused by system failure.
Equivalence principle
This is the basic principle of the pipeline design, the purpose is to ensure that the resistance of the circulation of the same line to ensure that the system cycle, flow balance, so that the maximum utilization of thermal efficiency.
Pipeline matching
In the design process, we must calculate the pipe diameter, or piping system will increase the resistance, reduced circulating flow, water flow is not up to the requirements of users, so the diameter must be matched.
Pump selection
In both the circulating pump and booster pump, hot water pump should choose good quality, such as Grundfos or wilo pumps.
Pipeline cycle temperature setting
Some hot water system has the function of pipeline circulation, at this time, we must pay attention to the temperature of the pipeline to stop the cycle is lower than the actual temperature of 10 degrees celsius. The temperature is too close to the temperature of the pipe or the cycle stop temperature is higher than the actual temperature of the tank, which will cause the pump to work long time and can not stop.
Electric power matching
Hot water system, when the use of antifreeze antifreeze problem of electricity, it is necessary to design the length and quantity of tropical electricity, to avoid the electricity is too long, the power is too large.
Exhaust valve
A connecting tube hot water system using the exhaust valve in the design should, in general union of the inlet and the outlet pipe of the installation of an exhaust valve, and then every 3 sets a TSU tube set exhaust valve installation of heat exchanger, the exhaust valve to ensure good temperature, prevent the winter freeze.

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