Classification of solar water heater collectors

Time: 2017-04-21
A  lot of solar energy is not very understanding of friends to ask that there are several solar, solar water heaters for a brief introduction, solar solar energy, that is, to absorb solar energy into the heat of solar energy called solar energy. And the absorption of solar radiation and heat generated heat transfer to the heat transfer device we call the "solar collector", which is a variety of solar thermal systems constitute a key component, solar collectors can be used in a variety of ways classification.
(1) Sort by the type of heat transfer medium.
    ① liquid collector - with liquid as a heat transfer medium of solar collectors. (That is, we used the vacuum tube water heater)
    ② air collector 1 - with air as a heat transfer medium of solar collectors. (That is, we often say that the heat pump water heater)
 (The two we used to get the most used up.)
(2) according to whether the solar radiation entering the lighting port to change the direction of classification
    ① condenser collector - the use of reflectors, lenses or other optical devices will enter the mouth of the sun to change the sun
   To the solar collectors that converge to the heat absorber.
    ② non-concentrating collectors - solar radiation into the mouth of the mouth does not change the direction of the radiation is not concentrated on the sun
    Can collector.
(3) according to whether to track the sun for classification
    ① tracking the collector - around the uniaxial rotation or around the axis of rotation around the day to track the sun as the movement of solar energy set
   ② non-tracking collector - all day do not track the sun as the movement of solar collectors.
(4) according to whether there is a vacuum space for classification
   ① flat plate collector - the surface of the heat absorber is basically a flat plate shape of the non-concentrating collector. (Also known as flat solar energy)
  ② Vacuum tube collector - a solar collector with a glass tube and a vacuum space between the pipe wall and the heat absorber.
(5) Classification by operating temperature range
   ① low temperature collector - the working temperature of 100 ℃ below the solar collector.
   ② medium temperature collector - the working temperature of 100-250 ℃ in the solar collector.
   ③ high temperature collector - the working temperature of 250 ℃ above the solar collector.

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