Solar thermal power generation opportunities in China

Time: 2017-05-06
Although the new EnergyA large variety of the cleanest, most affordable, most durable energy, in fact, suspended over our heads every day the sun's light and heat. This brought up hundreds of millions of creatures great people and the planetEnergy, But it has been wasted with their wholehearted enthusiasm.
It is understood that the number of hours of sun, sunshine hours or more regions in 2200 land area accounts for about 2 / 3 or more years to receive the equivalent of tens of thousands of solar radiation energy generating capacity of the Three Gorges Project, the equivalent of 1.7 trillion tons of standard coal heat . If the rational use of heat energy collected by solar collectors, solar collectors per square meter a year, collecting more than half a ton of coal heat. If the use of 10 square meters of solar collectors, a year or more to gather the energy equivalent of 5 tons of coal.

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