Xianke team in yunnan

Time: 2017-06-23

Xianke solar water heater team travel in yunnan,Release working pressure.

Yunnan, referred to as the cloud (Yunnan), the capital of Kunming, located in the southwest of China's border, is one of the important birthplace of human civilization. Living in 1.7 million years ago, Yunnan Yuan Mouren, is as of 2013 found in China and Asia, the first human.

Yunnan has a long history and natural scenery, with beautiful scenery, with the ancient city of Lijiang, three rivers and streams, stone forest, Hani terraces, Dali ancient city, Chongsheng Temple three towers, Yulong Snow Mountain, Erhai Lake, Dianchi Lake, Fuxian Lake, Meili Snow Mountain, Pudacuo National Park , Kardan Songzan Temple, Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest and other tourist attractions.


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