Why do you need to clean the solar water heater

Why do you need to clean the solar water heater

In the high-tech development today, people began to pay attention to green. Solar energy is one of them, it gives people the convenience of service is incumbent. But there are still most consumers certainly ignore the maintenance of solar energy this link! Why do you need to clean the solar water heater? Here and Shanghai Magnesium Shuanglian Xiaobian together to find out about it!

Solar water heaters are working every day, a long time working solar water heater incubator liner will be a lot of scale, these scales will affect the normal work of solar water heaters, solar water heater greatly reduces the power and thermal efficiency, waste of energy 1/3 above, due to long-term accumulation of scale, not only a waste of energy, but also the formation of insecurity, scale caused by uneven heat formation of fried pipe, plug the pipeline, water cycle slowdown, water temperature.

And scientific research shows that the main components of calcium scale, magnesium compounds, in addition to a variety of harmful mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic and other harmful elements of the human body. If not in time to clean, bath, the skin hair will be dry, tight feeling, hurt the skin, accelerate aging, serious harm to human health.

The above is a small series of solar water heaters why need to clean, I believe that through the above description, we all understand, we use the solar water heater at the same time do not forget to clean the solar water heater Oh! In addition Xiaobian also reminded everyone here: for your health and family, please do not drink or eat solar water heater in the water. Please professionals regularly clean your solar water heater, the scale will cause more skin inflammation, especially women, children are more sensitive.

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