Renewable Energy Change Life Solar Warm Mountain People

Renewable Energy Change Life Solar Warm Mountain People

More and more renewable energy in the slowly changing people's lives, many renewable energy sources to develop the most widely used solar energy. In the solar energy renewable energy to solar water heaters as the representative of the people's lives to bring a lot of convenience, but also warm the mountain people, and Xiaobian together to understand about it!

Village: solar water heater warm mountain people

"We Tuen households are installed solar water heaters, easy to use, but also save money." Who lives in Tian'e County six rows of town are Long Village, Wei uncle is very happy.

In recent years in May, Du Longtun approved to become the autonomous region of solar demonstration village, the government took out more than 40 million for the whole village 106 households installed solar water heaters.

Tailong Village is located in the northwest border of Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou Plateau south of the Hechi City Tian'exian six rows of the town north, more than 20 kilometers from the county, is a poor mountain village.

Experts estimate that the Longtun installation of 106 solar water heaters, annual savings of 267,000 kwh electricity.

Dulong Village is only one of the areas of solar energy application in rural areas in Guangxi. At present, Guangxi has issued 3.7 million yuan to develop 10 solar energy application demonstration villages in Nanning, Guilin, Hechi, Wuzhou and Chongzuo Baise.

School: seven or eight hair can wash a hot bath

In the Qinzhou College student dormitory roof, rows of solar thermal panels almost filled the roof of the student dormitory, a huge circular water tank stand aside.

Living in the school 12 student dormitory Xie Xueying said, hot water is received dormitory room, plug the card can be used, 7,8 hair to take a hot bath, and very convenient.

Qinzhou College 22 students apartment roof installed 3770 square meters of solar flat-panel collector, the daily production of 55 degrees Celsius hot water 301 tons, so that about 10,000 students benefit.

The relevant person in charge of the school, said Qinzhou University to use solar-based air source heat pump, supplemented by the way the annual savings of 1.024 million yuan, compared with other ways, about 3 years to recover the initial investment costs.

Environmental benefits are also very significant. It is estimated that Qinzhou University annual savings of 662.3 tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions 1635.88 tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions 13.25 tons, reduce dust emissions 6.62 tons.

At present, Qinzhou City has completed the application of renewable energy projects 105, the total construction area of ​​4501,000 square meters, converted area of ​​2.351 million square meters. According to "Qinzhou City Renewable Energy Building Application Special Plan" (2009-2015), by 2015, Qinzhou City, renewable energy construction area of ​​5.44 million square meters, of which the application area of ​​solar thermal building 464 million square meters, the source of heat source Application area of ​​800,000 square meters.
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