How long is the normal service life of solar water heaters?

Time: 2017-07-26
Cause solar energy water heater "short-lived"
1, vacuum tube
The vacuum tube is the core component of the solar water heater, and also the heart of the solar water heater". Its quality directly determines the performance of the whole water heater. The performance of vacuum tube is affected by coating technology, cleaning, coating, vacuum pumping, sealing and so on. However, some ultra low-cost solar water heater using vacuum tube has the following defects: low vacuum, only high-quality products 1/100; a large number of impurities and residual water vapor pipe, a high temperatures encountered into gas, vacuum reduction; low vacuum film stability of two or three years, endometrial layer of ageing and falling the collector performance decays rapidly, unable to absorb enough heat.
2, insulation layer
Solar hot water heaters are stored in the water storage tank during the day. If the insulation is not good, they can not be used overnight or rainy days, or they are not easy to use. The main reason for the poor heat insulation performance of solar water heaters is that the heat preservation layer and the thermal insulation layer of the water heater determine the temperature of the hot water and the amount of hot water. Good insulation layer adopts imported raw materials, such as polyurethane, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, heat preservation process adopts automatic constant temperature high pressure quantitative foaming, and by high temperature aging treatment, heat preservation performance is high and stable and lasting. And some poor material high coefficient of thermal conductivity, foaming is not uniform, the night temperature can drop by more than ten degrees, encountered rainy days without hot water. There is also a black heart enterprise, in order to reduce costs, and even use homemade benzene board, a few months after the insulation effect plummeted, one or two years after the basic non thermal insulation.
3, bladder
At present, most solar water heater manufacturers are called water tank liner is stainless steel. The same is stainless steel, but the chromium and nickel in stainless steel are quite different. Good solar water heater uses stainless steel high chromium nickel, ensure the liner durable, corrosion resistance is strong; the use of low grade stainless steel liner is inferior, basic does not contain nickel, corrosion resistance performance is poor, short service life.
4, installation and service
Solar water heaters have very high installation requirements, and professional installation is the foundation and guarantee for their good winter use. Some brand-name enterprises often around recruit migrant workers formed a guerrilla, also in a hurry without formal training posts, design, these people did not understand the pipeline water heater body fixed and other professional knowledge, do not understand the product later maintenance, meet the eye everywhere caused problems directly affect the service life of the solar water heater "". For example, for a fixed water heater installation bracket accessories brand by wire, strong, resistant to corrosion, but some small manufacturers are using fixed wire, resulting in some areas encountered heavy rain, hail and other severe weather, there are a lot of solar water heater crashing to the ground.
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