Solar hot water engineering design should pay attention to what problems?

Solar hot water engineering design should pay attention to what problems?

Solar hot water project is the use of solar collector, solar radiation can collect a device for heating water, is currently the most solar energy application and development of a product of economic value, technology is the most mature and commercialized. The reliability and economy of the solar water heating system depend on the correct design and construction, especially the design! So what should we pay attention to when designing solar water heating projects?

1. The same route arrangement shall be adopted for the heat exchange between collector and indoor heat storage water tank.

2. Heat collection and circulation system shall be supplemented with medium (water or antifreeze), such as tap water, and backflow preventer shall be installed on the water replenishing pipe.

3. There should be measures to solve the thermal expansion of the heat collection system, generally set up safety valves, relief valves or small expansion tanks (heat collection medium for antifreeze, the use of expansion tanks).

4. The highest part of the heat collecting pipeline shall be provided with an automatic exhaust valve.

5, the layout of the roof heat collector should not affect the fire passage.

6, the use of circulating water pumps alone metering, circulating water pump operating costs smaller, can be incorporated into the residential elevator operating costs and other public fees, the solar hot water system without further charges to the user.

7, household wells can be made of prefabricated panels, ceiling within part can only do not do well, heat preservation, to facilitate maintenance. The best choice is arranged in the vertical pipe near the toilet tube well.

8, in building a circulation pipe and roof design of buffer tank heat exchanger between the buffer tank placed at the top of the building equipment, equipment as close as possible to the wells.

9, the household hot water storage tank is arranged in the bathroom, near the well reserved interface, pipeline installation of hot water storage tank layout should be reasonable, as far as possible the shortest, the most economical, too much attention to avoid anti bending, tubular pressure to let the bassoon, no pressure. During construction, the wall should be filled with casing, and the top shall be emptied.

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