Flat solar water heater, split solar energy design and installation, solar water heater project design and installation

Time: 2017-07-28
In solar water heaters or solar engineering design and installation problems, as a solar water heater manufacturers, in the design of these problems, we have to take into account, very Zhou Quancai.
The solar water heater, whether it is a flat plate solar water heater, solar body, vacuum tube solar water heater or solar water heater installation needs to consider the collector installation direction, tank placement, explosion-proof tube, leak proof electrical design and installation, the most important is to consider security issues, security issues will be a threat to a lot of people's life and property, its importance should not be overlooked. So, no matter what, it is in a safe situation, safety first!
1 system lightning protection and anti freezing treatment:
The lightning protection device shall be installed separately in the system where the original lightning protection range is not in the building. In the original lightning protection system of the building, the steel structure bracket shall be welded with the original lightning belt of the building, and be treated with rust prevention.
Flat solar water heater, split solar energy design and installation, solar water heater project system, outdoor cold water pipe and circulating water pipe, equipped with self limiting warm electricity accompanying tropical, can guarantee winter is not frozen.
The system installed in the icing area shall take reasonable measures to prevent freezing and comply with the following provisions:
(a) a flat solar water heating system that is not in use in winter. It can freeze the water in the system. The heat collector and piping should be adequate
The drainage slope shall be at the lowest point and convenient for operation.
(b) solar hot water system used in winter, which can be used either by automatic backflow or evacuation, or by antifreeze. The use of automatic reflux evacuation method, antifreeze, should ensure that the collector and outdoor pipe water in a timely manner, emptying; net; use antifreeze, antifreeze, antifreeze freezing point should be lower than the local minimum temperature.
(c) for the vacuum tube system, the cold water supply pipe of the system, the solar energy lower circulation pipe, the outdoor part of the hot water pipe, the heating heat exchange, the two side pipeline and the outdoor part should take proper anti freezing measures. Winter average temperature more than 5 DEG C for the area, with bold diameter or low temperature antifreeze forced circulation mode, pipe diameter should be greater than or equal to DN40 antifreeze; 5 DEG icing area average temperature in winter is over -, can take the cable with low temperature freezing combined with forced circulation way, cable should set the temperature automatic control device the average temperature in winter; < - 5 C region, recommend the use of antifreeze antifreeze.
If it is a flat solar water heater, it is also necessary to prevent overpressure measures
For the closed system of flat plate solar water heater, the monitoring and protection devices such as expansion tank, pressure relief valve and pressure gauge shall be installed on the closed piping system.
The pressure gauge shall be installed in a striking position, and the expansion tank and the relief valve shall be installed in accordance with the relevant specifications, and the relief pressure of the relief valve shall be adjusted according to the design.  Relief valve relief pressure should be adjusted by professionals.
2, in the coastal areas, but also pay attention to the wind problem:
Solar heat collector bracket shall be provided with appropriate precautions, solar heat collector bracket by 40X40 angle steel welding and increase triangular support, ensure overall stability; each row with angle steel bracket, forming a whole, overall frame and roof structure of riveting, increase wind resistance.
The overall structure of the system bracket is fixed with the ground pier reserved by the floor. Load-bearing foundation, good waterproof.
3 Solar leakage and bearing issues are also considered one of them:
All equipment in production, should be strictly in accordance with the construction process requirements, waterproof, seepage prevention process
Where in the tank or in the base construction process of heat exchanger in the destruction of the original roof waterproof, or damage to other components of the system should be re roofing, waterproofing, and considering the convenience of the day after the roof maintenance. The heat storage water tank shall be provided with proper wind protection and anti skidding measures, and appropriate wind protection measures shall be taken for other components which may cause safety problems to the system due to wind power.
The water tank is load-bearing according to the structure of the building, the water tank is arranged on the reserved bearing beam, and the heat collector is arranged on the reserved load-bearing cement pier.
The 4 is the leakage:
If solar water heater manufacturers in the installation of solar water heaters or projects, due to quality problems or installation problems caused by leakage of the situation, will bring serious security consequences. Although the entire installation of the unit where there are fewer staff, but if accidentally touched, heavy and heavy injuries will endanger life safety. As well as electric hot water boilers, hot water projects, if not handled properly, security problems, such as water vapor discharge and other security incidents, because manufacturers of product quality and installation of construction is not caused by attention.
Reliable leakage prevention measures shall be adopted for all possible leakage components of the solar water heater system. Leakage switch and earthing double protection are adopted to ensure the safety of power consumption. In the system equipment, take strict measures of grounding, and measurements to determine good grounding to prevent electric leakage wounding; choose high-quality devices, and in strict accordance with the electrical specification to design and installation; all are equipped with electric leakage protection, once the leakage immediately cut off the power supply to ensure human safety.
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