Why the hotel solar water heater water and the family is very small

Time: 2017-08-04
Generally our common solar water heaters, are common vacuum tube one machine home solar water heater mainly, if it is high, is the flat or heat pipe split solar energy, the difference between the two is the difference between the tank and the collector, if the Is the split, because the water tank is under pressure, the water is very stable, there will be no hot water cold heat like the image, and why the hotel solar water heater water and the family is very small this principle is the same, the general , The hotel solar water heaters are also split, water tank is a large or two, but also the collector is installed separately, although the water tank is not under pressure, but there are pumps to control the water pressure, the pump Liang Cheng and the pressure is set to start the good, so the size of the water pump is controlled, and that a steady flow of pressure, of course, very large, at least as large, not because of the use of hot water and a significant change. but,
    Hotel solar water heater is also a solar water heater project, in general, if the solar water heater project is a water tank, then sometimes there will be almost cold and hot like, but do not pay attention is not very obvious, within the acceptable range, not Will be as obvious as the home machine.
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