Solar water heater installation steps, you safe right?

Solar water heater installation steps, you safe right?

At present, China's urban and rural residents on the rapid growth in the demand for hot water bath. In rural areas and small and medium-sized cities, solar water heaters have become a means to improve the quality of people's living standards. Solar water heaters will be fully covered in the Divine Land. Solar water heaters because of its use of renewable energy advanced technology and convenient living water supply, people are regarded as home products must be installed. How is the solar water heater installed?

       Solar water heaters are designed to meet the needs of the family with hot water designed hot water system. Its lighting area is usually 0.6 to 2 square meters, the user can be based on the number of population and hot water requirements. Household solar hot water system is generally used plastic hose (φ10 ~ 16mm) connection, water heater installed on the roof or balcony. In order to facilitate the installation, the structural design of household systems is usually integrated (water tank and collector fixed connection) or modular, with small, efficient features.

    Solar water heater installation steps

     Install the solar water heater, first assembled bracket. First assemble the front bracket, connect the front bracket with bolts, install the rear seat on the front bracket mullion connection hole, and then assemble the rear bracket. If there is a middle box at this time to add the middle box, and asked with the left and right boxes were in the same plane and three points at the same time the ground, and then connecting the front and rear with a connecting bracket, and the barrel bracket with the front and rear support bolted, shoe. After assembly, make sure that the rear bracket is at right angles to the ground.

      Followed by the installation of water tanks and vacuum tubes. First put the tank in the assembled bracket barrel, the tank and the barrel with bolts, tighten the shelf and the barrel to connect the nut, so that both ends of the tank and the left and right ends of the bracket equal. Vacuum tube center line parallel to the front bracket plane, and then put the silicone seal into the barrel of the hole in the hole flat, the dust cover in the vacuum tube at the top, and in the vacuum tube on the top of the water, forced light evenly pushed into the barrel, and then gently Pull down into the tail care, tight on the tail in the tail ring on the pad. Finally, tighten the nuts on the connecting bolts, and then push the dust seal on the vacuum tube hole. At this point, the solar water heater host assembly is completed.

      Again is the host of the fixed. After the host assembly is completed, the wire rope or large steel cover in the front bracket left and right box and barrel care U-ring, and tighten with the nut. Will be connected to the four wire rope or steel to the direction of the four corners of the water heater, in the parapet (that is, the roof of the building around the wall) or other places to choose the appropriate location, drilling by expansion hook, the wire rope or steel with the corresponding expansion hook U-ring is securely connected. If there is no suitable location, can be cast reinforced concrete block fixed, if it is apex roof installed solar water heater, you need to do a specific bracket to choose a firm and appropriate fixed and fixed position. Ridge pull the wire rope with a cushion, so as not to touch or crush the roof.

       For the installation of solar water heaters, the main water heater must be sunny, left and right sides and the front can not have shelter. The upper part of the tank outlet can not be blocked, so as to avoid poor exhaust and swell or pumping deflated water tank. Outdoor piping should be as short as possible. Installation of solar water heaters when the best professional installation of workers, to avoid the installation errors caused by unnecessary trouble later.