Advantages of solar energy engineering in industrial solar thermal utilization

Advantages of solar energy engineering in industrial solar thermal utilization

Current Status of Thermal Energy in Solar Engineering Industry. We all know that China's energy has three major networks: offshore oil, land and gas pipelines, ultra-high voltage power grid. Now another new energy network is also forming, is the "distributed new energy network." Distributed new energy networks include distributed solar thermal and distributed solar photovoltaic. China's industrial energy consumption is hot water hot steam, the second is electricity. With the help of the company's roof, industrial plaza can be implemented using distributed new energy.

1, China has three high energy consumption and high pollution industries: the "coal" "coal" and "coal".

"Coal workers" refers to the industrial products manufacturing coal heat source. China's industrial manufacturing industry has a characteristic, almost all of the production process with hot steam, hot steam production equipment are almost all coal boilers. It can be seen that solar heat production and industrial heat have the characteristics of positive use.

2, solar energy hot water and solar hot water

Hot water and hot steam are two major media for industrial heat. In most cases, hot water is the end of a consumption of heat medium; hot steam is the process temperature of the heat source, but also a consumable.

Industrial production with heat, from the process temperature point of view, the temperature range is relatively large; from low temperature hot water, high temperature hot water until the steam. In fact the industrial heat, is a hot water to the hot "hot ring". Industrial solar thermal utilization, is synchronized to the "heat ring", the specific form is to complete a low temperature from hot water to high temperature hot water, until the output of high temperature steam "heat ring." Completed the heat ring, even to achieve the highest stage of industrial solar thermal utilization. Industrial hot water should be defined as the "mid-section" of solar thermal utilization. It should be sure that in this "hot ring" around 70 ℃ hot water, very suitable for the middle of the industrial temperature with heat. Solar energy is fully capable of producing hot water of this temperature.

Shandong Province, "industrial green power" project provisions of the heat storage temperature of 70 ℃, is based on industrial heat in the middle of the temperature.

3, the solar energy industry in the middle of the temperature ratio

1) solar energy in the middle of the extensive use of heat

Cooked food boilers: the traditional process, the first pot of cold water, hot steam will be heated to 65 ℃, a feeding.

Chemical paint reactor: first of all, the cold water heated to 50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, the feeding.

Other categories: cloth, leather class of desizing, oil, need 65 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ hot water.

These industrial production processes have to consume a lot of hot water at once. Solar energy to provide this temperature section of the hot water is a one-time direct use of heat.

2) the proportion of hot water in the middle

For example, Zhucheng Qieshi Bo Co., Ltd. Cooking workshop 12m ³ chicken cooker, before feeding with 44t solar hot water 70 ℃ / 4m ³, raw meat 8m ³.

The first stage of heat absorption: hot water release heat - 385MJ; cold meat absorption, the temperature reached 47 ℃ heat balance.

The second stage of temperature: 4t47 ℃ hot water temperature to 100 ℃, heat consumption 886MJ, 8t meatballs heated to 100 ℃, need to heat 1272MJ. Total calories: 2158MJ.

Requires about 1 t 150 ° C steam. Set the boiler preheated with solar hot water. The output of 8t cooked meatballs, solar thermal energy accounted for 38%. Visible, solar energy to provide industrial hot water, process feasible, energy saving effect is very significant.