The key technology of solar high temperature vacuum tube

Time: 2017-08-28
The development of meet the engineering and industrialization requirements of the line focused solar high temperature vacuum tube, you must solve the three key technical problems:
    1, the safety of thermal expansion of metal tube unloading;
    2, glass metal sealing technology and vacuum guarantee;
    3, high temperature heat absorption coating preparation.
    These three issues are directly related to the design of the collector tube, material selection, sealing method and the choice of processing technology.
    For the first question, select the technology is more mature ripple metal hose to do unloading components, according to the requirements of the design conditions of the three unloading mode, through the actual production and use of these three structural components, process strong, can be achieved Mass production.
    For the second question, the current choice is Beijing Sanda Solar Technology Co., Ltd. of the lead sealing technology, to meet the operating temperature of 200 degrees within the collector device, the sealing strength of 200 kg, air tightness Solar vacuum tube requirements, such as large air conditioning using water to do the working fluid, the temperature at 180 degrees, select the wall thickness of 1.2 mm metal straight pipe, to meet the pressure requirements. If you further improve the collector tube operating temperature, you need to develop glass metal melt sealing technology.
    For the third question, the current difficulty is greater, and now use the Sanda Solar Technology Co., Ltd. in the heat pipe on the use of metal film, to meet the use of temperature. The current major difficulty is the lack of testing methods, in the case of high temperature heat absorption and reflectivity can not be obtained.

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