Quality requirements of solar water heaters

Time: 2017-09-01
As the quality of the water supply pipe directly affect the quality of drinking water, in order to protect human health, the state requires health standards must meet the "drinking water distribution equipment and protective materials safety evaluation requirements", so the traditional cast iron pipe easy to rust, (PVC-U) is mainly used for urban water supply, drainage and construction to, drainage and other pipelines.
    As we all know, solar water heaters use plastic water pipes transport hot water, so the water pipe must have high temperature, resistance to cold, anti-aging, non-toxic and tasteless high standards. However, many illegal production enterprises and even industrial and living waste production of water pipes. In this way, the unacceptable plastic water pipe is "etched" by the hot water of the solar water heater. The organic matter in the pipeline is heated and released and dissolved in water. If the residual dichloroethane enters the skin and esophagus In the eyes, short-term exposure to eye skin and respiratory tract, may cause harm to the central nervous system and lungs, long-term or repeated contact may cause dermatitis, may have a role in the liver, kidney and mucous membranes; its residual short-term exposure to vinyl chloride , Long-term or repeated contact with the liver, blood vessels and connective tissue may play a role in causing chronic diseases.
    Now there are more than 4,000 solar water heater manufacturers, some enterprises are workshop-style production, the user's solar water heater can not find a bad repair, non-standard small businesses become the source of hidden dangers.

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