Solar water heaters use tips

Time: 2017-09-04
The first time to be on the water tank after the vacuum tube temperature can be cold on the cold, is strictly prohibited after the cold on the cold water, or may cause the phenomenon of bombardment.
    Summer use the best in the evening or morning sunrise before the water, or easy to make the water temperature is too high, easy to scale.
    Exhaust port is strictly blocked, to overflow pipe work, should first install the three links, the mouth of the exhaust, the mouth overflow, the exhaust port is strictly blocked, or may be due to poor exhaust and damage the tank.
    Use should first test the water temperature and slow water temperature, so as not to burn.
    Winter temperatures below -8 ℃, for non-automatic antifreeze products, adhere to the water several times a day to raise the water tank temperature, will achieve better antifreeze effect. After the water will be drained after the water, the next morning and then on the water, if the case of frozen pipe, the weather will rise after the rain, no damage to the water heater.
    When the bath, if the solar water heater in the water has been used, and people have not washed, then you can cold water on a few minutes, the use of cold water sink, hot water floating, the vacuum tube hot water out, you can then take a bath The.
    If the bath, such as solar water heaters in a little hot water, then a few minutes cold water, you can also wash more than one person.
    According to the weather forecast to determine the amount of water, you can get a satisfactory water temperature. If the sunny day, can be full of water; if cloudy or cloudy, then the upper half of the water; rain, keep the original water is not cold water.
    After the bath in the evening, if there are half of the water heater tank nearly 70 degrees of hot water, in order to prevent the heat lost too large (less water, heat dissipation faster), but also according to the water temperature weather forecast. Tomorrow sunny, full of water; rainy days, on the 2/3 of the water.
    Hot and cold water adjustment: water heater water temperature adjustment steps: first open the cold water valve, the appropriate adjustment of cold water flow, and then open the hot water valve adjustment, until the required bath temperature. In addition, you can experience according to the weather to determine the cold water, pay attention to the nozzle do not toward the human body, to avoid burns.
    How to extend the life: In order to extend the life of solar water heaters, users in the use of the process should pay attention to:
    After the installation of the water heater is fixed, non-professionals do not easily move, unloading, so as not to damage the key components; water heater should not put debris around to eliminate the impact of the vacuum tube impact; regularly check the exhaust hole to ensure smooth, When the vacuum tube is cleaned regularly, be careful not to touch the tip of the bottom of the vacuum tube. The solar water heater with auxiliary electric heating device should pay special attention to the water, to prevent dry dry.

    The above is the use of solar water heaters tips, but also should be noted that the place, I hope you pay attention to these.
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