What is the solar project header?

Time: 2017-09-20
Solar energy project header, also known as the joint box, solar engineering joint box, solar energy collection box. An important part of the solar hot water project, used to collect solar heat storage. Modular installation. Originated in China, and the rapid development in the Chinese market, a large number of applications used in solar hot water projects, nearly two years by more and more national solar hot water projects accepted by more than 95 percent of the world Produced in the Chinese market.
    The joint-type solar hot water system is made up of a combined collector type collector, a storage heat tank, an auxiliary heating system, an intelligent control system, a pipeline and a circulation system. The water temperature can be set according to the needs. With the conventional energy to achieve 24 hours continuous hot water supply semi-hot solar hot water system.
    Vacuum collector tube to accept solar radiation, the collected solar radiation energy into heat, and gradually heating the vacuum tube and the water inside the collector; when the water temperature within the collector reaches the set temperature, through the temperature sensor, temperature controller and electromagnetic Valves, pumps and other equipment, the collector will be transported to the hot water in the thermal storage function of the storage tank, and automatically fill the cold water. When the water level reaches the upper limit of the storage tank, the temperature controller starts the corresponding equipment, the system operation mode automatically turn into a constant temperature cycle, so that the collector and the water tank to form a cycle, continue to use solar radiation energy, and further improve the water tank temperature.

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