Solar hot water project, low-cost win?

Time: 2017-09-29
xianke solar water heater
In March 20, 2013 Anhui solar opening site so that the solar water heater industry exploded the pot, the opening price of the scene so that we truly understand the words: Chinese products do not have the lowest price, only lower prices. Yes, this is a foreigner in our company we talk about the quality and price of solar water heater when he said. They are our products in China is the price of low quality, Oh, foreigners are not fools, they also know the principle of low-quality price. However, this does happen in our China's Anhui, so that everyone once again feel the authenticity of this topic.
     Everyone on the understanding of solar water heaters is very simple structure, there is no technical, as if anyone can open a plant to produce solar water heaters, which for Jiangsu and Zhejiang area and Shandong region, that is why there are many solar factory closed things, but we unknown The white home with this did not intend to do long, this is the fact.
      However, the solar water heater really no technical content? Xiaobian in the solar water heater manufacturers work for so many years of experience, and then simple products, but also a technical content.
      A good solar water heater, the minimum guarantee is to use about ten years, which is relatively high requirements of the tank, which is why many manufacturers only produce water tanks, and vacuum tubes and stents are not the reasons for the production, and if the quality of the tank is not To the requirements, how can guarantee a solar water heater can use ten years?
      As well as the thickness of the bracket, the vacuum tube on the vacuum requirements, etc., have the lowest and the highest standards and requirements.
The standard and the requirements of their price is there, so that is why the Chinese product, the price above is not the lowest, only the lower reason.

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