Cold water in the pipeline of solar water heater and pipe insulation

Time: 2017-09-30
xianke solar water heater
Solar water heater pipe is from the roof of the solar energy above the next, and we every time off the water after the closure of the part of our water is used to block the valve, the pipeline and there is no water to put the net. Pipeline mouth is connected with the solar energy is connected, but the water when the water pipe off, the pipeline there is water, the water inside is still hot, but after some time or after a night after the release of water is that Cold. How much cold water and solar water heater water tank to the point of water, the distance between solar energy and bathroom, the more cold water released, near the cold water is very small, but may not water pressure, it is necessary to install a booster pump.
In fact, the solar water heater began to release the capacity of cold water, depending on the distance between the water heater and water points, under normal circumstances, the length of the dedicated tube are between five to ten meters, that is released in about one-third of the cold water basin , Can be used to neutralize the solar water heater behind the release of high temperature water.
In addition, the home solar water heater has a pipe drain valve device, if you can achieve that effect is hot, install the device on it.
   However, the solar water heater project will not have this problem, because the engineering system inside, there are pipeline recycling configuration, as long as the water temperature in the tank temperature, the cycle function will automatically start, you can achieve that hot effect.

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