Division and Prospect of solar water heater market

Time: 2017-10-16
Xianke solar water heater
We are talking about solar water heater market every day, how to do today, Xiaobian talk about their views, to introduce the solar market situation.
As we know, no matter what the product is on the market in the former will have a position, like solar water heaters for household is divided into single project, hot water, such as export trade, we are generally on the three as in, divided into: single rural household market, city water project, international export market trade market.
For the rural market, according to their regional economic situation, living habits and so on, will be targeted to produce some suitable for the products they want to put.
The rural market can be divided into three major markets: the East, the central and the West. We have different demands according to the regional economic situation and living habits. Targeted production of some products suitable for their needs to be put in.
A preliminary investigation of the relevant departments in eastern coastal developed market, the promotion of solar water heater was as high as 70%, the central area is about 30%, the western market is less than 10%, such a large potential market demand is a basic factor for the development of our industry, recently except hot water heating, rural energy structure adjustment is a big problem with the government and the old people need to solve, we need to develop the product of solar heating system with high performance and low cost of the supply of rural areas.
Because the city's many families live in a high-rise building, installation of household solar water heater cost is relatively high, while the city workers are concentrated, factories and enterprises will be more, so the city in general solar hot water project market. For hotels, restaurants, thermal system engineering offices and schools hot water system engineering and industrial and agricultural production can be applied in general solar hot water project of the city, these two aspects are large, wide energy-saving emission reduction benefits of the big market, which is characteristic of the industry, the demand of different type, different requirements of energy supply system so, every enterprise can according to their own technology, products, services and expertise, to find a place to live in for their own market positioning. In 2013, 500 thousand coal fired boilers, urbanization and new energy demonstration cities were issued by the state, which provided broad opportunities for our industry.
For the export of solar water heater, everyone knows that China is a big producer and application of solar water heater products. In 2013, the solar water heater market accounted for 68% of the world. Our vacuum tube technology is a leading international technology in recent years, the flat to the ranks of the international advanced forward; with the effect of energy-saving emission reduction and climate change on the environment has gradually become the consensus of the world, will promote the use of solar thermal industry development and application. Europe attaches importance to it, applies it, and Latin America and Africa will also pay more and more attention to it and develop it. Enterprises must not ignore this potential huge market. So, in the late period, our country's solar water heater exports will increase greatly, this is also a big positive solar energy industry.

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