Introduction of Hotel Solar Hot Water Engineering System

Time: 2017-10-19
Today to introduce you to the hotel under the solar hot water project system. Modern society, with the use of various energy overload and waste, more and more non-renewable resources show a rapid decline year by year. The global into the era of energy saving and environmental protection, how to effectively use new energy, reduce the waste of the remaining non-renewable resources, has become the fundamental condition of national development and prosperity.
    Large hot water supply is indispensable in life, especially in cool weather. And the manufacture of hot water medium, from the initial coal, carbon to now the common gas, electricity and so on. The hotel as a hot water use of large, hotel hot water project (solar hot water project) to the premise of energy conservation, environmental protection as the element, comfortable for the purpose of reference to efficient environmental protection and energy saving hot water use equipment. Solar energy as another high energy and environmental protection resources, also be used to the hot water system supply equipment, including home, commercial hot water equipment.
    Solar water heater is the name of the use of solar energy conversion, the supply of hot water system, energy saving, low carbon non-toxic, is one of the preferred water heater equipment. However, solar energy can only rely on the sun, at night or rainy weather is very weak effect. And the Development and Reform Commission known as China's "fourth-generation water heater," the air can heat pump water heater is the use of energy to run the heat pump, heat from the air to absorb heat from the air, the preparation of 55-60 ℃ hot water, thermal efficiency up to 98% Factories, hotels, hotels, swimming pools and other places need a lot of hot water.
    The solar hot water supply system is an ideal substitute for coal and oil boiler. It can be designed according to customer's requirement, make full use of sunlight heating, produce a lot of hot water and make electric heating system as auxiliary heat source. It can supply hot water for 24 hours. Water tank with water storage, insulation dual function, without special management, economic benefits significantly.

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