Explanation of Terminology of Solar Water Heater Engineering

Time: 2017-10-28
Contour lighting area definition and calculation method The maximum effective area of sunlight projected onto the collector.
If the water temperature in the hot water tank is not lower than the specified value, the daily heat consumption of the water in the water storage tank is calculated.
Average heat loss factor
The average calorific value of the unit temperature difference between the temperature of the stored water and the ambient temperature is the unit time, unit water volume of the solar water heater in a period of time without sun exposure.
  Antifreeze system using antifreeze as heat transfer material to prevent the freezing of the indirect solar collector system.
  Solar energy assurance rate of solar water heater engineering system by the heat supply of solar energy accounted for the system's total heat load rate.
  The cost of the system is greater than the ratio of the total energy savings of the solar thermal water system to the total energy savings during the normal life of the system (yuan / kw · h), indicating the use of solar energy to save the investment cost per kilowatt-hour of conventional energy heat.

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