China's solar energy from manufacturing to create change

Time: 2017-12-18
Experts call for the fastest speed to promote polysilicon industry from "Made in China" to "create" change.
As a basic material supporting microelectronics and photovoltaic industry, polysilicon is a sunrise industry, which has been booming in our country in recent years. The output of polysilicon in the world is growing rapidly. The global output in 2010 will reach 140,000 tons, and it is estimated that the production capacity in China will reach 80,000 tons.
However, the status quo that can not be ignored is that there are a series of problems such as low content of independent intellectual property rights, poor capability of independent innovation, high energy consumption and serious pollution in China's polysilicon industry. Many enterprises import foreign equipment one after another, but they can not obtain advanced core in foreign countries Technology, localization of foreign equipment is not strong, resulting in large capacity, but the phenomenon of unsuccessful driving, the gap between capacity and production disparity. In addition, most of China's polysilicon products for the low-end rough products, electronic grade products rarely, not competitive in the world.
For polysilicon domestic enterprises are behind closed doors, there is no synergies of the status quo should work together to break the technical barriers to avoid the risk of the formation of "China to create" the technical force; the second is to break the industry barriers and the standard thinking, the establishment of large industrial chain thinking, Industry to penetrate the chemical industry, the use of domestic mature chemical technology and equipment, the Union of non-ferrous metals, the next new energy sources, with independent innovation to enhance the strength of polysilicon industry; third is to introduce polysilicon industry standards and barriers to entry, the state should introduce relevant policies as soon as possible , Support superior enterprises, avoid duplication of low-level construction, and focus on promoting the development of high-end polysilicon products.

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