How to choose the quality of solar water heaters

Time: 2018-01-22
The weather is cold, in order to be able to wash a comfortable hot bath at home, energy-saving environmental awareness is getting stronger today, everyone is also how to choose a good solar water heater and worry, Haining Sci-Tech new materials limited The company has been given to everyone who is preparing to buy or plan to find the hot water at home, the issues of concern should pay attention to the following points:
       First, the vacuum tube: the vacuum tube is now generally used by the three executives and Zijin three executives in the summer can not see anything special, but in winter, even the second and third degree will be able to take a bath, the general purple tube ratio The temperature of the three executives to about 5 degrees high, so easy to use in winter, the best is generally the best choice to choose Zijin three executives.
       Second, the water tank: The general international is the outer barrel 470MM, inner barrel 360MM, foam coating is generally 55 mm, this is the national standard.
        Third, solar water heater bracket, we must widen the kind of thickening, although generally less typhoon, but at least it's stronger anti-typhoon ability.
       In fact, the main components of solar energy is also composed of these three parts, like the general accessories, the market can generally be bought above, the problem himself bought so that the storefront master installed on the line.
       For the quality requirements of solar water heaters, as long as the general grasp of these three on the line.

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