Solar low-temperature hot water project

Time: 2018-02-01
   Low-temperature solar hot water project, hotels, bathrooms, civil, heating and other domestic water the best solution. Medium and low temperature solar hot water project, suitable for life needs about 60 degrees water temperature or general industrial needs. The use of such projects works well, generally less than 3 years to recover the investment costs. The company is located in:
       For different low and medium temperature solar hot water projects, should be used to develop a detailed case study detailed design and construction details, so as to ensure that each project can be best suited to the needs of customers with heat, can not and should not appear design Capacity is too large, so the need for temperature is guaranteed, but will increase the user unnecessary initial investment, but can not appear less capacity is not enough to use the situation. In particular, the solar energy project is to determine the heat energy from the ultraviolet energy of the solar energy. The radiation of different regions is different, and more careful analysis should be made in contrast with the building conditions.

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