How to occupy the solar water heater market step by step

How to occupy the solar water heater market step by step

As a large consuming country in the solar energy market, production and sales of solar water heaters are far ahead of the rest of the world. Conflicting market channels are becoming increasingly prominent behind the booming prosperity of solar water heaters. Channel operations are facing many dilemmas, which have seriously affected The popularity and application of solar water heaters, solar energy channel changes on the agenda, has become the focus of the industry's attention.

Marketing channels are an important part of the whole marketing system. It is of great significance to reducing the cost of enterprises and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and is the most important part of the planning. From the perspective of the solar energy market, its channel planning is lagging, is still restricting the rapid development and popularization of solar energy bottlenecks. Solar market is a tempting cake, in order to get more cakes, many manufacturers are from including the successful planning of channels and other efforts. At present, the solar energy market channels are changing, new forces are emerging ......

Many real estate developers and solar suppliers have joined forces to create a new paradigm for solar homes, which has become a new "selling point" for real estate now. This model also led to a revolutionary solar water heater sales model in the city, the solar energy will be purchased from a separate installation to the centralized centralized installation of residential and commercial installation of central heating engineering change. Changes in sales mode, inevitably lead to the corresponding channel changes. In the centralized purchase and installation of the purchase mode, we can foresee the future of urban solar water heater channels will inevitably move toward "centralized" engineering channels.

However, the biggest problem facing the engineering channel is the issue of bidding and after-sales service, which requires enterprises to make adequate efforts in product quality and brand promotion.

The rural market to free-to-buy for the mainstream of the situation determines the solar water heater in the rural market channel is to take the store model. Such a market environment will inevitably support the development of store channels. The store is the most common and most trusted channel for all vendors. No matter from the operation process, price system, marketing mode, resource integration and other aspects have unique advantages, input-output ratio may also be the most reasonable of all channels, pay less but big gains. And store credibility and high loyalty, do a good store channel allows manufacturers to obtain a higher input-output ratio.

However, the relative independence and the relatively low level of consumption in the rural market make it necessary for the manufacturers to make overall arrangements on behalf of the agents so that the channels of specialty stores can form a close channel with the upstream channels to control the market. The company is located in:

Such a platform for the development of the solar water heater industry as a whole have a milestone in the nature of the whole can improve the quality of the entire solar water heater channels for the industry to change the channel into fresh blood and a steady stream of momentum.