Solar hot water heater is too slow, there is no solution?

Time: 2018-03-07
For high-rise residential floors, according to the water heater roof, downstairs hot water is slow. That is: pull the water heater in its own outlet, followed by an electrically controlled magnetic reversing emptying valve, the switch is located at home, because the valve controls the emptying of the water pipe, so that it will not be stored in the pipe - such a water is Hot water out, effectively prevent the water heater is too slow, to put a bucket of water embarrassing situation.
     Also, if the household floor is low, such as the installation of solar energy in the top floor, the highest level of use, solar water may appear slow because of the relative drop of water heater and shower head small relationship, the solar water heater is free fall Water out, instead of the fully enclosed electric water heater, press out by water pressure. Proposed to reduce the safety of the shower head position, in order to achieve water pressure balance, water stability. Or buy a hot water booster pump, there is an effective solution to this problem.
     In summary, no matter what floor problems can bring through practical solutions to solve, after all, the water heater is easy to use and safe, if there is a problem in the use of the process must be promptly asked the relevant experts. It is important to choose a reliable solar company at the same time, and advice should be given at the time of installation in order to avoid the occurrence of subsequent problems.

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