Solar water heater leakage problem

Time: 2018-03-14
Haining Xianke New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of solar water heaters. In other words, we only produce solar water heaters. The main body of solar water heater is a water tank, a bracket, and a vacuum tube. The three sample bodies do not have any electrical appliances, and there is no leakage.
     However, solar energy is to be composed of the host and accessories to give users a better experience. Solar water heater accessories are: controller, electric heating, solenoid valve, special pipe, pipe fittings, ball valves and other components, but these products are not our own manufacturers, are also bought from other manufacturers, and then to the factory price To the user. In addition to the controller and electric heating, these accessories can be neglected.
      As long as it is a good controller, it will have leakage protection itself, and there will be no leakage.
     Electric heating as long as the user does not dry, (must not dry.) That is not to let the electric heating in the absence of water inside, but our company's controller is the best controller on the market, with its own Leakage protection, if there is no water in the tank, will not start the electric heating.) If it is much better, the electric heating may give up the melting time, then it may leak, but this may be 10% . In other words, as long as the user can use according to regulations, there will be no problem.

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