How a Solar Water Heater Works?

How a Solar Water Heater Works?

A solar heater works via the solar panels and a solar water storage tank. There are two basic types of solar water heaters: active and passive solar water heating systems.

The solar heater is an environmentally friendly companion to your existing water heater. When the sun isn't shining, your traditional water heater becomes the backup energy source for hot water.

The basic concept of a solar heater for water is that the sun's energy is captured by what is called a collector. The energy that's collected is then transferred to the water to heat it up. You turn on the water faucet and you have hot water! That's the most basic explanation, but it makes sense, right?

Advantages of Active Systems

  • Similar to a traditional water heating system in that it has a pump
  • Has copper-lined collectors that trap the sun's energy and heat
  • Tank and collectors can be stored in separate locations – space saver
  • Backup system can be an additional feature to provide hot water on cloudy days
  • Active systems can work in cold temperatures too, so it's available for more areas of the world
  • More efficient than passive systems

Advantages of Passive Systems

  • Less expensive than active solar heating systems
  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • Effective in climates where there is less sun and more clouds
  • Effective in hot climates

A Few More Tips

One of the most important things you should have if you want your solar water heating system to function properly is a well-insulated storage tank.

Solar water tanks also have an extra outlet source and inlet source. You can get two-tank solar water heating systems or one-tank solar systems. Before the water goes into the ordinary tank, it is heated first by the solar powered water heater in a two-tank system. Both the back up heater and the stored water are combined in a one-tank system.

Regardless of the type of solar water heating system you've chosen to install in your home, you'll benefit greatly from your choice. You'll see a decrease in your energy costs, you'll be reducing your carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50 percent, you'll enjoy hot water no matter if it's sunny or cloudy, and you'll rest easier in the knowledge that you're reducing your overall impact on the environment.

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