How to use solar water heaters?

Time: 2019-01-03
1. When the weather is extremely hot and the water temperature is extremely high, the water must be replenished with water. It is strictly forbidden to add water after the water is used up. It is best to get water before the sunrise in the morning or after the sun sets in the evening, so that the life of the water heater can be guaranteed.
2. Each water heater has a venting hole. When the water is full, there is a normal flow of water. When the water valve is closed, it will stop. (This is not the case with water heaters installed with water temperature and water level indicators).
3. The electric heating power is 1500W. If it is used in cloudy or winter water temperature, do not plug it in for a long time. Power must be removed during bathing. When plugging in, if the leakage protection plug is red, it proves to be heating, and when the green light is on, it indicates that the water temperature has reached 65 °C.
4, the temperature is not too low (7 ° C -5 ° C), after running out of water at night, there is still some hot water in the water heater (water in the vacuum tube), should be immediately filled with water, reduce the water temperature inside the water heater, reduce the night Heat loss, make full use of heat.
5. If the temperature is extremely low, the water heater must maintain a water level of more than 80%. If it is cloudy, please use the water in the water heater and immediately replenish it.
6. When bathing, if the water in the solar water heater has been used up, and the person has not washed it up, then a few minutes of cold water can be used, and the hot water in the vacuum tube can be ejected by using the principle of sinking in the cold water and floating on the hot water. I can take a shower.
7. After the shower at night, if there is half of the hot water in the water heater tank near 70 °C, in order to prevent the heat from being lost too much (the less the water, the faster the heat is lost), the water temperature should be determined according to the water temperature forecast. Tomorrow is sunny, full of water; rainy days, 2/3 of the water.

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