Choice of household solar water heaters

Choice of household solar water heaters

1, look at the appearance (fineness of work: water tanks, brackets, screws, insulation materials processing)

2, look at the bracket [firmity (stent thickness), corrosion resistance (material), stability] can also be weight

3, the thickness of the tank liner (the weight of the water tank, the average person is a little bit sinking)

4. Whether the color of the vacuum tube (single root, all) has no color difference is consistent.

5, capacity: remove about 5 cm of insulation material (see the position of the side outlet, its lower end to the bottom of the tank is the thickness of the insulation layer) calculate the volume of the tank liner, which is the cylindrical volume, which is basically The amount of water available to the user.
After-sales service for domestic solar water heaters is also very important. It is best to choose a branded product and a good after-sales dealer. Because domestic solar water heaters are durable consumer goods, and usually installed on the roof, once the fault occurs, it is difficult for users to solve it themselves, so the after-sales service must be guaranteed.
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