How do I maintain my solar water heater?

How do I maintain my solar water heater?


Solar water heaters become old or can get damaged. A little periodic maintenance prolongs their life and guarantees you cheap hot water without interruption. In addition, if you keep an eye on your solar water heater, you will avoid certain problems.

What items should I monitor for my solar water heater to work properly?

Check the following points regularly to ensure the proper operation of your solar water heater:

  • Check the condition of the thermal insulation of the external piping, which birds often peck at to use in making their nests.
  • Does a warning message or flashing light appear on the control box?Make sure that the probe wire has not been damaged by birds.
  • Check that the passage through the roof is still watertight.
  • Inspect connections and valves to make sure there is no leak.
  • Make sure dead leaves aren't covering the sensors.
  • Check the pressure on the pump unit of the solar power installation.If the needle is near zero or drops below the indicated mark, call your installer.

Every three years, call in a qualified technician

Only a professional technician can:

  • check and, if necessary, replace your solar water heater's pump, seals,valves, etc.;
  • check that the expansion tank is in good condition and that the settings are correct;
  • check the acidity level (pH) and the flow rate of the liquid which circulates in a closed circuit within the panels.Over time, the liquid will degrade and may cause the pipes to freeze.It should be changed every ten years.
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