Standard and installation position of solar water heater storage tank structure design

Time: 2019-04-30
Summary: Standard and installation position of solar water heater storage tank structure design
1, structural design

The water storage tank can be purchased from the manufacturer according to the requirements or made on site; it is preferred to select the fixed product of the professional manufacturing company, and the on-site production can be carried out when the installation site does not have the handling and lifting conditions.

The structure of the storage tank should be designed reasonably to meet the requirements of safe and stable water supply of the solar water heating project. It should be provided with overflow pipe, drain pipe, exhaust pipe, temperature display (meter), water level display (meter) and manhole (water tank capacity). More than 3t when set) and other devices.

The hot water tank of the electric heating element shall be internally set, and the inner box shall be grounded; the grounding shall comply with the requirements of the national standard “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Grounding Devices for Installation of Electrical Installations” (GB50169).

2, the installation location

The storage tank should be installed indoors; it should be chosen in the basement, attic or technical mezzanine room. The installation location should be easy to maintain and manage, and the structural load of the location should meet the load requirements of the tank under full load conditions. When conditions are not allowed to be installed outdoors, protection measures such as rain and snow, lightning protection, etc. shall be provided to prolong their operational life; and the overall viewing effect of the building shall not be destroyed.

3, volume

The volume of the storage tank should meet the needs of daily water, and meet the requirements of safety, energy saving and stable operation of the solar water heating engineering system.

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