Causes of water mist in solar hot water heaters

Causes of water mist in solar hot water heaters


Causes of water mist in solar water heaters

After the solar water heater has been widely promoted in the market, it is accepted by more people and it is very convenient to use. For example, when the summer is hot in summer, the solar hot water is very warm, and the supply of hot water is sufficient. It's a cost-effective way to run on electricity. However, the solar water heater also needs to be used reasonably so as not to cause some problems, and the problems generated are also related to the local climate. For example, the water mist phenomenon of solar energy is one of them. In fact, the water mist is just an appearance. The essence of its existence is that there is water in the cavity of the solar energy collector, and it will not disappear due to the evaporation of sunlight.

Today, Xiaobian will analyze the phenomenon of solar water mist.

Here are three reasons why water mist is generated by solar water heater collectors

1. Residual moisture: The material (especially adiabatic materials) in the heat collection cavity is absorbed into the cavity when it is packaged due to the equilibrium with the ambient humidity. In humid areas (such as the Guangdong, Guangxi and Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions) Residual water will be more, and it will be better in dry areas (such as Northwest China and Inner Mongolia).

2. Infiltration of moisture: The moisture infiltrated from the outside due to the airtightness of the heat-collecting cavity, such as rain, especially during storms.

3. Moisture return moisture: In a humid environment, the moisture generated by the absorption of internal materials formed by the difference in internal and external humidity (large external humidity and low internal humidity) increases the moisture content, which is actually the equilibrium moisture formed to balance humidity.