Why no one installs "solar water heaters" now? The reason is simple, many people don’t know

Why no one installs "solar water heaters" now? The reason is simple, many people don’t know


Why no one installs "solar water heaters" now?

      When we talk about water heaters now, most people think of electric water heaters and gas water heaters, but in fact 10 years ago, there was also a solar water heater. I remember when solar water heaters were just launched, it can be said to be popular all over the country. It is environmentally friendly. The energy-saving features are well received by the public. Many people will install solar water heaters in their homes, but after 10 years of development, we will find that there are fewer and fewer users of solar water heaters, especially urban users. Now look at some people When decorating a new house, you basically won’t choose solar energy, so what causes it? Why is no one installing "solar water heaters" anymore? The reason is simple, but unfortunately many people don't know it.

1. Waste water

We know that solar water heaters are generally installed on the roof, even in buildings, they are also placed on the top floor, so its connecting water pipe is very long, and the long water pipe brings "fatal" disadvantages, and it needs to be placed for a long time. Hot water will come out with the cold water of time, especially for low-rise users who are far away from the solar water heater. Every time you use it, you have to waste some cold water. After a day, the more you use it, the more wasted, especially in winter, which is very troublesome. In summer, the water temperature is too hot and cold water is added, which is even more troublesome.

2. No hot water in winter

The use of solar water heaters is very restrictive. I believe that friends who have used solar water heaters have a deep understanding. This type of water heater is very seriously affected by seasons and weather. Generally speaking, there is more hot water in summer and it is hot. . But in winter, it will be miserable, especially in areas where there is a lot of rain. There is basically no hot water. In winter, it is necessary to plug in electricity to boil water. In addition, its thermal insulation performance is very poor, so many people I think solar water heaters are not practical.

3. It is easy to break and the maintenance cost is relatively high

Although solar water heaters are very energy-saving, they are easily damaged. After all, they are easily damaged after long-term exposure to the outdoors and wind and rain. However, repairs after damage are very expensive, so it seems that it saves electricity and money, but in fact, the cost of one repair is enough to cover the electricity and gas bills for a long time.

However, solar water heaters still have many advantages, which are not available in gas water heaters and electric water heaters.

1. Greener

We know that the main reason for the popularity of solar water heaters is energy saving and environmental protection. It uses solar energy for its work, and solar energy is a natural energy source. There is no need to worry about whether the energy can be regenerated, and there will be no consumption and pollution. So compared to gas water heaters Compared with electric water heaters, it is more environmentally friendly.

2. Safer

Compared with gas water heaters and electric water heaters that are currently popular on the market, solar water heaters are much safer. For example, electric water heaters may leak electricity and hurt people from time to time, because electric water heaters are generally placed in the bathroom and many people take a bath. Sometimes the plug of the electric water heater is plugged in, and the bathroom environment is the supermarket, and the water is conductive. If you are not careful, it is indeed easy to cause accidents. Gas water heaters also have to worry about gas leakage, but solar energy does not have this burden at all, so it is more assured to use.

The above is the willingness to replace solar water heaters and its advantages. I wonder if you like solar water heaters? If it were you, would you still install solar water heaters in your home?